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Why Work in Houston

Houston was selected the #1 city to live in the USA from Kiplinger for 2008.

Why is Houston a great place to call home?

  • The sunshine; being able to play golf almost 365 days a year
  • Exceptional Universities, Colleges & Public Education
  • World Renowned Medical Center with the MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Museums, Theater & The Arts
  • Cost of Living below National Average
  • Diverse Population
  • Water Sports
  • Variety of Recreational Activities
  • Over 650 city and county parks, including: walking/bike trails, pools, dog parks & playgrounds
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Strong Economy: Bay Area Houston, Texas – “With all the recent discussions about the sub prime markets and the possibility of a recession, it is refreshing to hear nationally recognized economists report that the Houston Bay Area region is fairing well considering the slow down in the national economy.”