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GHG Energy

GHG Energy, a division of GHG Corporation, was formed to provide the oil industry, off-shore and on-shore, the technical services needed to execute their drilling programs:

  • GHG Energy provides the most experienced engineers in drilling fluids engineering and management, completion fluids engineering, drilling engineering, and all field supervisory personnel. GHG Energy also provides the drilling and completion fluid chemicals needed to execute any type of fluid program needed by the oil operators.
  • All the solids control equipment, including clay ejectors, to maintain the drilling and completion fluids in optimum conditions are also provided by GHG Energy.
  • GHG personnel have provided services to the oil industry for the past 40 years both domestically and internationally.
  • Among some of our customers are: Amoco, Texaco, Mobil, Conoco, Esso, Shell, British Petroleum, Phillips Petroleum, Petrobras, YPF Argentina, YPF Bolivia, ENAP, Petroecuador, and PDVSA.

HDD services

Horizontal Directional Drilling services (HDD) is another service provided by GHG Energy with specialized drilling fluid engineers with knowledge of big bore-hole drilling practices. These engineers are trained in GHG’s training facilities in Houston, Texas. In-the-field training of HDD engineers is also provided. They are supervised and trained by highly experienced instructors.