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GHG’s mission is to provide the highest quality Engineering and IT services in a cost-effective manner that will add value to our customers and the companies we support


As a service disabled veteran owned small business, we are proud that GHG employs people of many backgrounds, cultures, and languages.  The basic values that we apply in operating our company are:

  • All employees are valued and are necessary to the success of the company

  • We treat all employees with dignity and respect

  • We maintain open lines of communication between employees and management

  • We will recognize and reward our employees for their accomplishments

  • We care about the safety, health, and welfare of our employees


Beyond the basic criteria that apply to any job description, we hold our management and employees to the same principles.  Those being:

  • Be of good character

  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times

  • Have the integrity to do what is right

  • Take personal responsibility for all your actions

  • Be loyal

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