GHG provides management and personnel required to provide mission services associated with the planning, implementation, and assesment of Safety, Reliability, Maintainability, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management programs.


We have engineering expertise Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Stress and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Quality Engineering and Thermal Engineering.


GHG has extensive experience in design and analysis, development, manufacturing, testing and certification of hardware. Some of the high profile hardware we've helped develop are Spacesuit Interfaces, EVA Tools, Habitation Accomodations, and the Parachute Assembly System.


GHG can analyze all life support, mechanical, electrical, and thermal control systems; perform structural and load analysis, orbital debris, launch criteria, space environment, software testing and

QA, and many other subsystems to meet NASA requirements.


GHG supports human space flight operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center which includes providing expertise in the development and testing of systems for future operations; support to mission preparation; crew, flight controller, instructor, and analyst training; and real-time mission execution activities related to International Space Station and Exploration operations.



GHG supports the maintenance and operation of the core services facilities and provides specialized services to the test operations facilities, including maintaining a Component Processing Facility, Cryogenics Propellants Handling area, a High Pressure Gas facility (HPG), and a High Pressure Industrial Water (HPIW) facility in direct support of the NASA Engineering and Test Directorate.


GHG employees perform field and shop fabrication for the repair and/or modification of components within the Fluid Component Processing Facility (FCPF) at Stennis Space Center.


GHG is actively involved in the supervision of employees on multiple Federal Contracts. GHG's technical management provides valuable insight into processes and deliverables to benefit the Programs we support. In general, our responsibilities include building strategies and vision to accomplish goals, manage day-to-day duties and activties, and conduct performance reviews to match employee performance to their specific goals. In addition, GHG Program/Project Managers are responsible for making sure reporting requirements are maintained and any additional requirements are satisfied.


GHG offers full scope IT Services including a needs based consultation, custom IT Design , Installation, Integration, and Management which includes Network Support, Upgrades and Maintenance.


GHG provides Software Design, Development, and Sustaining for multiple federal programs. Our most dedicated Software effort is with our proprietary JAVA based product "Clockwise™". Clockwise™ is an ERP system that eliminates a paper trail, improves accuracy, and improves efficieincy for timekeeping and other critical employee records, ultimately resulting in increased profits. Our experience in establishing and sustaing this superior commercial product is a true discrimator, distinguishing GHG form our contemporaries.

As a subcontractor on the Test Operations Contract at SSC, GHG has employees that perform field and shop fabrication for the rapair and/or modification of components within the Fluid Component Processing Facility (FCPF) and minor fabrication to support other TOC activities.

GHG is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer M/F/disability veteran status.


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